Divine Vices (Divine Vices #1) – Melissa Parkin


Rating: 3.5 Stars
Type: YA
Steamy: Not really


I received this book as an ARC. I really love reading ARCs and although I tried to like the book it did not convince me. Here is why:

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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest Series #1) – Tijan


Rating: 5 Stars
Type: YA/NA
Steamy: Puuuurrrfect

Tijan you wonderful mysterious author with just one name I throw myself at your feet and thank you for a wonderful book and since it is a series thank you for wonderful upcoming days and weekends of binge-reading.

Not much is known about “Tijan” but if the omission of surnames (or first names) means quality writing then I say off with the names! And here it comes – the review:

Contains minor spoilers:

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Nero (Made Men) – Sarah Brianne


Rating: 3 Stars
Type: NA/YA
Steamy: Yes
Language: Strong

Well this book was neither bad, nor good. It was also not average. I just had major issues with it. Don’t get me wrong the book was well written, the characters well developed (at some point although a bit unbelievable but hey it’s a romance novel not a science book) and the plot was intriguing, however, what put me off was the display of sheer violence and the underlining message that apparently violence is best met with more violence. To sum up I had some moral issues with the book but apart from that readable.

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