Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) – Roxie Rivera

Soooo as announced below I read this book because of the cover. In all my excitement over the cover I somehow managed to miss that Ms Rivera’s books are associated with the word “erotica”. Since this is not exactly my cup of tea, I would usually not review it because I feel it is not up to me to review and rate a genre I do not normally read (hence I won’t give it a rating). Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind sexy time in the books I read but I prefer the ratio interaction : “interaction” 80:20 and not 50:50. In addition to that the “interaction” was described really detailed (I learned a few new expressions here). Geez I am aware that I sound totally square now!

However, I must say I kind of liked certain elements of the book. Here is the review that contains no spoiler:

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