Marco’s Redemption – Lynda Chance aka short of a restraint order

marcos redemptin

Rating: 1 Star
Type: NA
Steamy: Very graphically described
Language: Lots of swearing

As far as I have understood Lynda Chance is an author to choose when you are into alpha males. Since I dig alpha males I have downloaded three of her books instantly (I love e-book readers yaay). While the first one (Josh and Hannah) was sweet, the second one (an Eye for an Eye) was … well a bit too much, this one is extreme. I love love love alpha males (think Derek Craven for those coming from the historical romance section like me, or as for YA Jace Morgenstern, Daemon Black etc), however, this guy Marco, he just gave me the creeps. His behaviour is not and I will repeat myself really often now not not not not swoon worthy. It is freaking short of making me want to get a restraint order.  Continue reading