Why publishers should erect statues in my name

It is my firm conviction that because of me the publishing industry will never go bankrupt. After downloading the series to my Kindle I now have the Lux series additionally as paperback edition (minus Obsession because this one was just bad). This is how I am going to spend my weekend: Rereading the whole Lux-series. Goodbye social life. Hello Daemon (again).



White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements) – Jennifer L. Armentrout


Rating: 5 stars
Type: YA

Kiss me!

While I was waiting for the final instalment of the Lux series, I was rereading another Jennifer Armnetrout novel (well this one).

Somehow Ms Armentrout manages to create the most perfect males. Edgy, cocky, swoon worthy. Also with this one: White Hot Kiss.  Continue reading