Past Imperfect – Alison G. Bailey


Type: NA
Rating: 1 Star
Steamy: hm

A lot of people love this book. But I just … didn’t. Well I couldn’t. In fact this book made me want to curl up in a corner and rock back and forwards until someone would take me to Disneyland assuring me that the world is pink and bright and little birds that sing will help me getting dressed everyday.

Disturbed heroes and/or heroines can be intriguing. A bit of difficulties in the past and obstacles to overcome are the kind of drama that adds spice to some of the best romantic stories, but in this book it is not a bit of a difficulty or a bit of an obstactle: The heroine needs to be put under psychiatric surveillance. This is not romantic at all, this is worrisome.  This review contains minor spoilers:

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