Best Kind of Broken – Chelsea Fine


Rating: 4 Stars
Type: NA
Steamy: A decent bit

Have you experienced that when reading NA at some point it feels like you have all read it before? It took me 12 years to get bored with historical fiction novels and merely 12 months to get bored with NA. I was just about close down this blog. The other option would have been to blog about my daily breakfast which would have been a tad boring as I usually skip breakfast. Anyway, this was the last book I decided to read. Thank god I read other book blogs and listen to their reviews! Here comes the review that contains minor spoilers (because you should read the book!):

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This Sky – Autumn Doughton


Rating: 5 Stars
Type: NA
Steamy: Yep

This book took me by surprise. It has a rather hideous cover but the most beautiful writing. I have never read anything by Autumn Doughton (if this is not a pen name, high-five to her parents because the name rhymes) before – Geez, I missed out! This author has such a wonderful way of expressing herself. Reading this book is like having a full course dinner after being on a diet for a month. Therefore I will in the following review even quote this amazing author – which I rarely do. This review contains minor spoilers:

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Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

stone cold touch

Rating: 4 stars
Type: YA
Steamy: For a YA pretty steamy

When Jennifer L. Armentrout announced that readers will be able to choose how the Dark Elements series should end (read here), it was pretty clear that the second instalment of this series would focus on Zayne and consequently on a potential love triangle. Well … it did. And, sadly, it felt terribly forced. Here is as to why (contains some minor spoilers):

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50 Ways to find a Lover – Lucy-Anne Holmes

50 ways to find a lover

Rating: 4.5 stars
Type: Chick lit
Steamy: Well it is a Chick lit…

I discovered a great Chick lit! This is the kind of book to read on a Sunday when you spent the whole Saturday pondering about your Friday night date, drove all your friends crazy with useless analysing of details, watched “He is just not into you” (again), stared at your mobile phone, turned off the mobile phone (because you are independent and are not waiting for him to call) just to end up switching it on again after two minutes. I am of course speaking hypothetically*. This review contains no spoilers: Continue reading

Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest Series #1) – Tijan


Rating: 5 Stars
Type: YA/NA
Steamy: Puuuurrrfect

Tijan you wonderful mysterious author with just one name I throw myself at your feet and thank you for a wonderful book and since it is a series thank you for wonderful upcoming days and weekends of binge-reading.

Not much is known about “Tijan” but if the omission of surnames (or first names) means quality writing then I say off with the names! And here it comes – the review:

Contains minor spoilers:

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Jake Undone (Gemini #2) – Penelope Ward

jake undone

Rating: 4 Stars
Type: NA
Steamy: Yes (and well done!)

Sometimes reading a book is like going on a date. I used to be always the optimist always excited and never giving up my high hopes. Lately however my book dates where like: yay excited – ok that’s not my cup of tea but let’s see how it is going to progress – please just get better – I’m begging you get better – nope getting worse – sh** I can’t believe I’m still here – someone just knock me out please – finally over – what a waste of time – I will never call you again.

I had lots of this bad book dates lately therefore I was really anxious about getting back into the book dating market. I was reading this book very carefully (like being on an actual date and waiting if the guy turns out to be a sociopath). Fortunately this was a wonderful date it gave me back my faith in going out with a book and spending some quality time.  Continue reading