I grew up in a house full of books. But much to my parents dismay ever since I have read my first historical romance novel at the tender age of 14 I just got hooked. And still more than 10 years later I haven’t lost my passion for romance novels (I just moved on to NA and YA and whatever abbreviation there is at the moment).

A good romantic novel involves longing, heart-ache, a gripping believable story line (with lots of drama, humor and suspense) a decent heroine and a super-jaw-dropping-hot genuine alpha male man. And there are so many wonderful books out there but also really bad ones. A big thank you to the book-blogging community without them it would be far more difficult to filter out the bad ones. So I decided to join the community and blog away about everything that I read. Enjoy and do not hesitate to comment.

Sophie x

PS. If you feel like contacting me sophiesbookblog@gmail.com



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sophie, thanks for following me! I’m following you back 🙂

    I guess we found each other on By Hook or By Book? I’m glad we did!

    Looks like a great blog, can’t wait to read more. I have a friend who is heavily into the historical romance books too! I love your description of the leading alpha male 🙂

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    • Yes we did! I stalked you straight from By Hook or By Book :). I am always looking for bloggers that either read the same or inspire me to try something different.

      I like your blog and I think the name is just great!

      Btw I liked your review on from dusk till dawn apart from the fact that I remeber the movie as well and that it is indeed 20 years ago. ugh.

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      • It makes us feel old! Off the top of my head I’d never think it was 20 years old ha ha. Great movie though, one of my all time favourites.

        Thanks for liking the review! Have you watched it?

        Yay, love being stalked by lovely, like minded people 🙂 thanks for saying my name is great! ha ha, I’ve used ’emmakwall’ on email and twitter for years, it’s just a take on my real name I suppose but the ‘explains it all’ had a good ring to it I thought! 🙂 Did you used to watch Clarissa as well?

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  2. Yes! Omg I did but I think I preferred Parker Lewis. Woah walking down memory lane here …

    I haven’t watched the TV series yet because I was kind of reluctant. I really liked from Dusk till Dawn and I wouldn’t want it spoiled by watching a series that is not as good … but I might give it a try after reading your review.


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