Rule’s Property – Lynda Chance


Rating: 3 stars
Type: NA
Steamy: Sizzling hot

This book reading experience was so depressing. I was so happy in the beginning, just to have my hopes shattered. I have tried Lynda Chance before and was not too happy with her idea of an alpha male (see here). Therefore imagine my surprise when I found out that I actually liked this book. It was rrrreeeaaallly good and I would have given the book solid 5 stars if there hadn’t been the “slap-incident” that ruined everything. This review contains minor spoilers:

What the official synopsis reads: When Courtney Powell is orphaned at seventeen, she loses everything: her parents, her friends, the basic security she’s always known. Drowning under debilitating sorrow, she moves to St. Louis to live with her newly widowed godmother. From the beginning, the woman’s grown children accept her into their family . . . but there’s something about the middle brother that causes an inexplicable wariness within her.

Time goes by as Courtney struggles to overcome her grief. When she finally emerges some years later, it becomes apparent that somewhere along the way, without her input and much to her anxiety, she’s become Nick Rule’s exclusive property.

What I read: Good, good, good, good, what? no!, bad, bad, bad

In the beginning we meet Courtney shortly after her parents died. Ms Chance did a great job when creating this character. The feeling of loss, the grief, the despair and all that such a loss entails is very well portrayed. In contrast to some other reviewers (that were not fond of the book at all) I do not think that Courtney is a flat character. Nor did I have this eye-rolling urge that some other reviewers had (with loads of memes) when Courtney reveals something that is connected with this trauma of loosing both parents at a young age.

Nick is what I’d call an alpha male. He is fierce, he is dominating but for some reason in this book (in contrast to the other terrible one) it is not scary. To be honest I found it very sensual. I liked that he oozed masculinity, I liked his no bs attitude (pardon my french) and I liked that the takes what he wants.

Also, I liked the chemistry of the two together.

So, I was happy reading this book and major excited that I could share a good book with you when the “slap-incident” happened. This was an ice-bucket-challenge moment. Basically this is what happens: Courtney pissed Nick off (by driving too fast and too risky). Well, he is not only mad at her because of that, it is rather an accumulation of loads of things. The two get in a fight and he goes all like “you have been naughty, I should spank your bottom” (but NOT in a kinky way – like seriously). She obviously says no but he (big, strong male) manhandles her and actually spanks her bottom (once). Although she said no. This is a no-go. NO-GO. One of the most major NO-GOs in a romance novel. It doesn’t matter whether it was just a slap and it didn’t hurt that much (as it is described in the book). Fact is, he used his strength and forced a physical action on her that she didn’t want. I so don’t care if she forgives him. I won’t.

To sum up, read the book until about 85%, afterwards delete it or throw it away (the book not the Kindle). This guarantees you a good quick afternoon read with an alpha male.

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