Love triangles here, there, everywhere

This week scientists revealed that Homo sapiens first bred with Neanderthals 50,000-60,000 years ago. I think shortly after that the concept of the love triangle was invented. A couple of ten thousand years later love triangle found their way into literature. Some of the greatest works of literature feature love triangles, sadly, also some of the worst.

There are so many variations of love triangle constellations. A good story involving a love triangle is when the different shades of feelings are depicted and the inner conflicts are portrayed believable. A bad story involving such a triangle is when it feels forced. Unfortunately ever since Ms Meyer put the Emo-girl in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf (from an objective standpoint the recap of Twilight sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?) in literally every second book there is a love triangle.

I am personally not a huge fan of love triangles but I don’t mind them, if they are executed well. Sadly most of these love triangles nowadays are just so badly done that I beg you my dear authors: Stop! Just because it worked well with Twilight does not automatically mean it will work with your book. Please stop creating love triangles when they are not necessary or do not make sense. Yes, love triangles are en vogue at the moment but eventually they will become out-of-date. Like Neanderthals.


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