Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

stone cold touch

Rating: 4 stars
Type: YA
Steamy: For a YA pretty steamy

When Jennifer L. Armentrout announced that readers will be able to choose how the Dark Elements series should end (read here), it was pretty clear that the second instalment of this series would focus on Zayne and consequently on a potential love triangle. Well … it did. And, sadly, it felt terribly forced. Here is as to why (contains some minor spoilers):

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Love triangles here, there, everywhere

This week scientists revealed that Homo sapiens first bred with Neanderthals 50,000-60,000 years ago. I think shortly after that the concept of the love triangle was invented. A couple of ten thousand years later love triangle found their way into literature. Some of the greatest works of literature feature love triangles, sadly, also some of the worst.

There are so many variations of love triangle constellations. A good story involving a love triangle is when the different shades of feelings are depicted and the inner conflicts are portrayed believable. A bad story involving such a triangle is when it feels forced. Unfortunately ever since Ms Meyer put the Emo-girl in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf (from an objective standpoint the recap of Twilight sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?) in literally every second book there is a love triangle.

I am personally not a huge fan of love triangles but I don’t mind them, if they are executed well. Sadly most of these love triangles nowadays are just so badly done that I beg you my dear authors: Stop! Just because it worked well with Twilight does not automatically mean it will work with your book. Please stop creating love triangles when they are not necessary or do not make sense. Yes, love triangles are en vogue at the moment but eventually they will become out-of-date. Like Neanderthals.


Me, Mr Fritz and the Naked Death

In my last post I asked for book recommendations. Since Hyperaboutbooks and  By Hook or By Book strongly recommended the In Death series (with very convincing arguments of leaving husbands etc…) I wanted to post a picture in the comments showing that I followed their recommendations. Apart from the fact that one cannot post pics in comments (which I just found out then), my temporary houseguest (Mr Fritz) had other ideas. This is what happened:

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Book Series – looking for recommendations!

I.LOVE.SERIES. I dig them, I devour them. I wanna have cute little babies with them. Give me a series and I am happy.

I love watching TV Series and sometimes I wait a whole season in order to binge-watch them over a weekend. The same goes for book series (I love a proper binge-read). I like that with series there is so much more character development and so much more space for sidekicks and their story. Well, this used to be true for both books and TV-shows but lately I have to cross the first from my list. I don’t know what happened: Either it is me or there aren’t any decent series out there any longer. Every second or third instalment to a series I read feels totally stretched out and simply boring. I start losing interest in the characters and skim the book rather than actually read it. Is it me or are getting book-series more flat lately?

I would really appreciate recommendations for a good (gripping) book series (with romance of course 🙂 ).

A walk down memory lane – A Kingdom of Dreams

a walk down memory lane

Walking with: Judith McNaught – A Kingdom of Dreams
Type: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Set in: Medieval ages England
Reread: more often than I can count
Publishing date: 1989

I discovered Judith McNaught in an English bookstore in Lausanne, Switzerland ages ago. There was not much to choose from in the romance section so I went for this one. The shop assistant smiled and said: „Better watch out with this one. You will get hooked.“ Oh boy was she right.

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A Book Blog Directory! (Well actually two)

While using the WP stalker tool (aka “the Stats”) I found out that I have been listed in a book blog directory. Yvo from It’s All About Books has taken the trouble to compile an extensive list of recommended book related blogs. Check it out here: Recommended Book Blogs by It’s All About Books

For book bloggers from Austria/Germany there is also this directory: Austrian and German Book Bloggers put together by Birgit from The Book Garden

Past Imperfect – Alison G. Bailey


Type: NA
Rating: 1 Star
Steamy: hm

A lot of people love this book. But I just … didn’t. Well I couldn’t. In fact this book made me want to curl up in a corner and rock back and forwards until someone would take me to Disneyland assuring me that the world is pink and bright and little birds that sing will help me getting dressed everyday.

Disturbed heroes and/or heroines can be intriguing. A bit of difficulties in the past and obstacles to overcome are the kind of drama that adds spice to some of the best romantic stories, but in this book it is not a bit of a difficulty or a bit of an obstactle: The heroine needs to be put under psychiatric surveillance. This is not romantic at all, this is worrisome.  This review contains minor spoilers:

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