A walk down memory lane – my own super cool amazing meme

Guys I was really busy these last couple of days with rearranging my books. Since I have started reading before the invention of the e-book that means rearranging a LOT of books. You can imagine that this took a while. Well, to be honest it maybe took a bit longer because I reacquainted myself with my old historical romance books. And as I have a blog now (whoop whoop whohoo) I decided I will share my rediscoveries with you and what better way to do that than with a meme?

I love all those memes that are out there (wild Wednesdays, and what do you read Thursdays etc) therefore I created my own that is not bound to a certain day: “A walk down memory lane.”

a walk down memory lane

Feel free to join me (a link back to my site would be nice) and enjoy!


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