A walk down memory lane – My Lord Conqueror

a walk down memory lane

Walking with: Samantha James – My Lord Conqueror
Type: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Set in: 11th century England
Reread: about 50 times
Publishing date: 1995

Long before everyone would freak out because of an “alpha male” or would choose to read a book because it said “alpha male” on the cover, there was the concept of the conqueror (so we freaked out because it said “conqueror” on the book cover). And to be honest, they were far more cooler than the alpha male is today 😉

The official synopsis: The wild and tempestuous peasant daughter of a slain Saxon lord, Alana of Brynwald bravely resists the brutal Norman invaders—but fears the mysterious specter who invades her dreams. Now he stands before her, Merrick of Normandy—it’s he who is lord and she the captive. But Merrick cannot claim victory until she shares his passion—and his love.

Yes this such a typical 90s synopsis but whereas the synopsis is cheesy and the cover hideous (see below) the book is a real gem. There is Merrick the conqueror that is actually a “fair” conqueror. Well, as fair as it can get when you are invading another country. He now is the new lord of the castle and falls hard for Alana. She is a Saxon girl who is rather overwhelmed (to put it mildly) by his attentions in the beginning. So he sets out to conquer her too.

Why this whole conquering business works in this book and does not have a bitter taste to it as so many others is because Merrick is a decent character. Sure he can be really stubborn but although he is rough on the outside in the inside he is a sweet, caring, honest man who is not afraid to admit if he did something wrong (which men rarely do). She is a sweet girl and whereas with some heroines their anxiety is not understandable with her it is. Samantha James did a good job portraying both POVs.

This is a beautiful beautiful beautiful warm and sweet love story. Those two together awww it melts the heart. Totally recommended!

This is the cover, very 90s isn’t it :)?

my lord conqueror


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