Book Reading Challenges – is it worth it?

Dear all, a quick question:

There are so many book-reading challenges out there in the web and so many bloggers that take part in it. But is worth it? To me it feels like a lot of pressure to read so many books in such a short time. Is it still possible to enjoy the reading when working against the clock?


3 thoughts on “Book Reading Challenges – is it worth it?

  1. I do not take part in Book Challenges. Like you mentioned if I feel pressured to reach a goal or something it does impact the enjoyment of the book or to be honest I stop taking the story line in to just finish it. It’s not something I would do but I’m sure other people actually enjoy them 🙂

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  2. I cheat. Not to say I don’t read the books I claim, but I only pledge an amount I think I can reach. Only once have I pledge to read more than I thought I could, and I fell short. I do see how easy it is to speed read just to reach a goal, though, I have yet to do it. The only time I find myself doing that is when I’m trying to cram in a book before I see the film.

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