Does the weather change the reading behaviour?

My dear readers I hope you are one of the lucky ones that enjoy a decent climate all year round. Where I live the cold season is approaching with big steps (so I hear) and we are all desperately trying to enjoy the last days of sunshine. While trying to figure out in which box I stored my winter clothing and while pondering which books to get next to be prepared for all the stay-in rainy and snowy days, I realised that my taste in books varies to the climate. For instance during the summer I couldn’t be bothered with anything even slightly paranormal or historical or too dark. I just wanted a normal-happy-sunshine-the-world-is-wonderful YA/NA in a normal-happy-sunshine-the-world-is-wonderful setting. Now it is the exact opposite: I feel like something dark, a bit of paranormal and a bit of drama (recommendations always welcome btw). Is it the weather?


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