Why I am going to read a bad book just because of the cover

Ok since I don’t believe I am that special, I guess you all receive these amazon recommendations what to read next. Whenever I followed these recommendations I ended up with the worst books that nearly made me want to stab my eyes and give up reading at all. It is therefore my firm conviction that this book will be equally bad but OMG look at the cover and the title:


Even if this book is the worst one ever, I am just going to devour it. It went straight on my TBR list; fingers crossed it has at least ten decent sentences. That’s all I am asking for with this one!


8 thoughts on “Why I am going to read a bad book just because of the cover

    • Haha I think there is a growing community that is no longer afraid to say that they didn’t like the book. I didn’t like it at all.
      The Lux series is to me a perfect example of the opposite case: The book covers are absolutely hideous but the books itself are just amazing!

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  1. My thoughts exactly! I recently discovered that there are trailers with the cover models. It is a sweet idea but … nah!! I nearly didn’t read the series because next to the cover it said “alien” on the backside. If it wasn’t for all the bloggers that loved the book so much I wouldn’t have picked it up.
    Ok good covers, bad books: “Hush, Hush” and “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer”. I loved the covers, I loved the synopsis, I didn’t like the books at all.

    Maybe the key to a good book is awful book cover + weird synopsis?


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