Divine Vices (Divine Vices #1) – Melissa Parkin


Rating: 3.5 Stars
Type: YA
Steamy: Not really


I received this book as an ARC. I really love reading ARCs and although I tried to like the book it did not convince me. Here is why:

What the official synospis reads: Danger seldom leaves its victims unscathed in the ways of seduction, and this lesson is one that sixteen-year-old Cassie Foster now knows all too well.

Nine months following the traumatic accident that claimed the life of her mother and sister, this high school junior has at last found a fresh start in the quiet town of New Haven, Maine. In the company of her best friends, Ian and Gwen, she’s bracing the usual turmoil of adolescence and taking all in stride… until the new transfer student, Jackson Matthews, comes walking into her life. He’s arrogant, sarcastic, roguish, devastatingly sexy, and the very last thing Cassie wants to entertain. But when circumstances drive these two together, she finds herself a bit too close for comfort as their bond intensifies. Plagued by unexplainable events, a sudden string of disappearances, and even a cult-related murder, Cassie begins to fear for her life. Is it all just a coincidence that these happenings began when this Casanova strolled into town, or has she in fact fallen for a real lady-killer, or worse?

What I read: Dialogues. Endless Dialogues.

Contains no spoilers:

As the synopsis already gives away, this book has all the classical YA settings. What I liked about the book is that the author has a talent for scenes where a lot of interactions are taking place. Also I liked that it is not clear up until the very end (give or take a few chapters) whether it is a normal YA or a paranormal one. The author plays with this uncertainty really well. I enjoyed (most of) the characters and their banter (albeit a bit Dawson’s Creekish over the top sometimes), however, what I did not enjoy were the endless dialogues. In the beginning they were refreshing but seriously there are whole chapters just filled with dialogues. I found it rather tiresome to read and would have loved to have a break in between and some description of the surroundings. Also the heroine … well what can I say? A lot of effort has been put into describing her characters and her likes and dislikes buuuuuut I found her a bit to arrogant in order to connect with her. Therefore I give this book 3 stars. I’d recommend it if you like to read dialogues (lots of them in there, I am not exaggerating).


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