To tweet or not to tweet?

As you might be aware, I am relatively new to the active book blogging world. Yesterday I had a chit-chat with a beauty blogger. She gave me the impression the kind of novels I review (there is this wonderful German word “Schundromane” she used) should not be associated with the high end make-up she reviews, therefore I will refrain from mentioning her here. Otherwise I would have linked her here in all possible ways of course. Anyway, when I told her about the amount of time I spent of setting up an e-mail account and a goodreads account and a website (thank you youtube for all the wordpress for dummies videos btw) she stared at me gobsmacked and asked on the whereabouts of my Twitter account. Apparently a Twitter account is the thing to have when blogging.

After some online research (during lunch break … ahem … not work) I ended up totally amazed on all the musts and don’ts when blogging. There are even blog coaches. What many point out is that a Twitter account is a must in order to stay in contact with other bloggers and obviously get updates on the authors and their new books. Thus I now have a twitter account (the option to tweet in pink convinced me in the end). I am, however, still not 100% convinced as to the necessity of actively tweeting. I love to review books and of course I want to exchange opinions with other readers but do you really need a Twitter account if you just want to blog on books (and do not seek a job in PR or publishing)?


2 thoughts on “To tweet or not to tweet?

  1. I just started tweeting and created a Facebook author page, but I have been blogging for 3 years. Since this is my hobby, I know I probably am not doing all I can to promote my blog but I have met some pretty cool people since I started.


  2. Yes blogging is becoming really fast one of my favourite hobbies too… It is amazing how many people that share the same interest you get in touch with when blogging; I enjoy it so much! 3 years that is impressive! What do you personally prefer fb or twitter?


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