A walk down memory lane – My Lord Conqueror

a walk down memory lane

Walking with: Samantha James – My Lord Conqueror
Type: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Stars
Set in: 11th century England
Reread: about 50 times
Publishing date: 1995

Long before everyone would freak out because of an “alpha male” or would choose to read a book because it said “alpha male” on the cover, there was the concept of the conqueror (so we freaked out because it said “conqueror” on the book cover). And to be honest, they were far more cooler than the alpha male is today 😉

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A walk down memory lane – my own super cool amazing meme

Guys I was really busy these last couple of days with rearranging my books. Since I have started reading before the invention of the e-book that means rearranging a LOT of books. You can imagine that this took a while. Well, to be honest it maybe took a bit longer because I reacquainted myself with my old historical romance books. And as I have a blog now (whoop whoop whohoo) I decided I will share my rediscoveries with you and what better way to do that than with a meme?

I love all those memes that are out there (wild Wednesdays, and what do you read Thursdays etc) therefore I created my own that is not bound to a certain day: “A walk down memory lane.”

a walk down memory lane

Feel free to join me (a link back to my site would be nice) and enjoy!

The Arrow – Monica McCarty

Arrow Monica McCarty

Rating: 3 Stars
Type: Historical Romance
Steamy: Yes

Talking about not likeable characters earlier: This is the review to Arrow. A book most of us were eagerly awaiting because it featured Gregor McGregor (he is hot, he is allowed to have a stupid name). A book most of us thought might be better than the last instalments. A book that shattered my hopes but at least it has a nice cover now (it didn’t even have that at the beginning). Here is my review that contains spoilers (albeit minimal ones):

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Does the weather change the reading behaviour?

My dear readers I hope you are one of the lucky ones that enjoy a decent climate all year round. Where I live the cold season is approaching with big steps (so I hear) and we are all desperately trying to enjoy the last days of sunshine. While trying to figure out in which box I stored my winter clothing and while pondering which books to get next to be prepared for all the stay-in rainy and snowy days, I realised that my taste in books varies to the climate. For instance during the summer I couldn’t be bothered with anything even slightly paranormal or historical or too dark. I just wanted a normal-happy-sunshine-the-world-is-wonderful YA/NA in a normal-happy-sunshine-the-world-is-wonderful setting. Now it is the exact opposite: I feel like something dark, a bit of paranormal and a bit of drama (recommendations always welcome btw). Is it the weather?

50 Ways to find a Lover – Lucy-Anne Holmes

50 ways to find a lover

Rating: 4.5 stars
Type: Chick lit
Steamy: Well it is a Chick lit…

I discovered a great Chick lit! This is the kind of book to read on a Sunday when you spent the whole Saturday pondering about your Friday night date, drove all your friends crazy with useless analysing of details, watched “He is just not into you” (again), stared at your mobile phone, turned off the mobile phone (because you are independent and are not waiting for him to call) just to end up switching it on again after two minutes. I am of course speaking hypothetically*. This review contains no spoilers: Continue reading

Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) – Roxie Rivera

Soooo as announced below I read this book because of the cover. In all my excitement over the cover I somehow managed to miss that Ms Rivera’s books are associated with the word “erotica”. Since this is not exactly my cup of tea, I would usually not review it because I feel it is not up to me to review and rate a genre I do not normally read (hence I won’t give it a rating). Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind sexy time in the books I read but I prefer the ratio interaction : “interaction” 80:20 and not 50:50. In addition to that the “interaction” was described really detailed (I learned a few new expressions here). Geez I am aware that I sound totally square now!

However, I must say I kind of liked certain elements of the book. Here is the review that contains no spoiler:

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