Marco’s Redemption – Lynda Chance aka short of a restraint order

marcos redemptin

Rating: 1 Star
Type: NA
Steamy: Very graphically described
Language: Lots of swearing

As far as I have understood Lynda Chance is an author to choose when you are into alpha males. Since I dig alpha males I have downloaded three of her books instantly (I love e-book readers yaay). While the first one (Josh and Hannah) was sweet, the second one (an Eye for an Eye) was … well a bit too much, this one is extreme. I love love love alpha males (think Derek Craven for those coming from the historical romance section like me, or as for YA Jace Morgenstern, Daemon Black etc), however, this guy Marco, he just gave me the creeps. His behaviour is not and I will repeat myself really often now not not not not swoon worthy. It is freaking short of making me want to get a restraint order. 

What the synopsis reads: Alpha, Alpha-male!

Marco Donati is rich, ruthless–and more often than not–indiscriminate. Interested only in satisfying his sexual needs casually and frequently, he has no intention of changing a thing about his life. Natalie Lambert is alone, broke, and new to the city when a chance encounter leaves her under the power and control of Marco Donati. As the story unfolds, tensions mount and trust is tested between two people who can’t manage to stay away from each other.

What I read: Girl drives into Guy’s car. Girl drives Guy crazy. Guy drives me crazy.

Contains mayor spoilers:

So as the story goes the heroine Natalie bumps with her car into Marco’s car and manages to cause a damage of around 20,000 USD*. Marco has the hots for her and blackmails her into working for him as a live-in housekeeper. She agrees because – yes,  why not move in with a complete stranger?! As the story develops he falls for her. However, not in a sweet way but in an all encompassing, over-possessive way (including tracking her mobile phone). To make the way clear he ditches his girl (well she calls herself his girlfriend totally rightfully if you ask me, to him she is just annoying but keeps the bed warm).

Natalie who was present HOW he ditched her (read it for yourself**, again I really don’t like this guy) feels sorry for her but literally ten minutes later agrees to go on a date with him. She gets his Amex and gets all shiny and a new dress and a hairdo da da da. And his reaction? He asks her who did her hair! Seriously! Because the thought that another man touched her hair freaks him out because she is his. This is how it reads:

“Oh – no. Chris added highlights.” She swallowed hard, trying to stay steady on her heels while she attempted to guess at this meaning. “You don’t like them?”

He didn’t answer her questions; he ignored it completely as he continued with his own line of questioning. “Chris. As in Christine?”

“No, probably Christopher.”

“Christopher? A man styled your hair?”

A dark frown settled over his features but then his eyes lifted to her hair again and he sucked in a breath. “He’s probably gay.”
“I don’t know – I didn’t think much about it.”

“How could you not think about it? His hands were in your hair.”

Alarm bells ringing? No … not for Natalie she just jumps into a relationship with a guy who gets freaking jealous because a guy touched her hair!! FFS.

As the story progresses he gets more possessive telling her at like every opportunity that she is his and his only and everything belongs to him (including all the body parts) oh and the best thing: She has to be always ready for him when he want’s to make love to her (probably in this context the wrong word).

The “happy ending” begins with Marco being annoyed again because someone dared to touch her arm. So the next logical thing is to ask her to get married with the following really romantic question:

“I think if we got married I might not be as stressed about this shit.”

After this heartbreaking proposal what else could Natalie do then to agree? So she agreed.

I cannot even put into words how much I loathe this guy and how much he freaks me out. His over-possessive, over-jealous behaviour is like out of a Cosmo article: “The first signs whether your partner has the tendency to domestic violence”.

I say it again – I love alpha males but not those that make me want to get a restraint order.

*(just on a side note this accident happened during rush hour where there is usually slow speed due to stop and go, and she drives some shitty car while he drives an Audi A8, I cannot fathom how this is physically possible but anyway)

**on a second thought no, don’t buy the book, this is how he ditches her: he asks her to get him something from the drugstore and while she is out of the apartment he instructs the guy at the front desk to not let her in again

link to the book on amazon


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